Lehrstuhl für makroskopische und klinische Anatomie

Welcome to the Division of Macroscopic and Clinical Anatomy at the Medical University of Graz!

The discipline of anatomy is a basic medical science that is concerned with the structure and function of the human body.

We see it as our obligation to promote education and research equally. Classical methods of anatomical preparation and model construction as well as modern imaging and digital technologies are all employed. The main research areas in our division are experimental biomechanics, clinical and translational anatomy and educational research.

Central to anatomy is the gift of body donation. Our donors enter into an agreement with the Medical University of Graz. The anatomical knowledge obtained from these donations provide the medical doctors of the future the required expertise to guarantee future-oriented and safe work on patients. Through continuous training and research with recognized experts, new innovative standards can be set.

Niels Hammer

"Anatomy is a living and translational discipline that integrates research and education. It is made possible by combining the most modern technologies with those that have been handed down and primarily by closely cooperating with our clinical colleagues."

Niels Hammer, Chair


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Die Grazer Anatomische Sammlung

The Graz Anatomical Collection

Macroscopic and Clinical Anatomy has a unique collection of human specimens and models. The collection is not only aimed at health science students and professional staff. It is also accessible to visitors of all ages, from schoolchildren to adults with an interest in medicine.

Organized by subject area, the structure and function of the human organ systems are visible in all stages of life. The museum has collector's items, dry and corrosion specimens, plastinates, plaster models and wax models, some of which are several hundred years old. On request, the collection can be visited all year round.

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